LastFood app

2021 - Medellin, Colombia

Product Design
UX consulting

The problem

Thousands of plates of food go unsold due to lack of demand, visibility, promotion or time; this causes restaurants to lose money and time from unsold food every day. Reducing food waste is one of the UN's main objectives for the next five years.

The solution

In conjunction with the LastFood team it was quickly iterated, the MVP they had was a bot that allowed to order food, to validate that there were people willing to use the service it was decided to create an app that would allow to easily order, see the dishes and track the current status of the order. Before designing the app it was decided to do a UX consultancy to validate the correct use of colors, buttons and copys in the bot; some flows were shortened that allowed the purchase process to be faster.

Main views, listings of restaurants, modal add product, view order in progress

Conclusion and learnings

This app was very famous on social networks and in the press, it allowed the company to quickly validate what the market wanted. From our side we were able to create a sustainable system design that goes hand in hand with all the external and internal tools of the company.

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