MovieBit app

2021 - Remote

Product Design
User research

The problem

Hundreds of people go every day to the movies looking for a pleasant and comfortable experience, but one of the biggest headaches for customers is to buy tickets and food, there are several cinemas that already have an app but few have an app that allows you to book tickets from different cinemas. Tired of waiting in line the MovieBit founding team hired us to design their app.

The solution

Doing user research we realized that customers did not want an app that booked your ticket and then go for a physical paper, so it was decided to generate a barcode that could be used easily when entering the cinema, other points that stood out was to know the real score of that movie on websites like IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes, we added a very dark theme design to make reference to be inside the cinema and a simulation of the chairs of the cinema.

Ticket view, schedule movie view, listings of movies, select seat view

Conclusion and learnings

Designing this app was a lot of fun, we have all been big movie fans and doing this project taught us a lot about this industry, it was a product that we designed as if it was for ourselves, it is an app that filled us with a lot of pride. Learning about how this industry works was incredible.

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