2021 - Remote

Product Design

The problem

One of the biggest expenses we have when we travel is the lodging, this project was designed thinking in a solution for digital nomads; knowing this we thought that maybe other digital nomads could also be the solution, but before we did a research in different portals focused on this topic, like IndieHackers, Reddit, Twitter and NomadList and in all cases we found that people wanted a platform where they could exchange houses with another digital nomad.

The solution

Well, already knowing the path we were going to take we decided to think about how we could create that feeling of trust, for this we thought about charging people who would post but then we were at the crossroads that we needed content for the platform to have value, so the best thing was to leave free access with constant monitoring of what was posted. In the end it was decided to ask for a corporate email to be able to post and thus know that the user really worked in that company.

Demo video

Conclusion and learnings

Content is king, the most concrete and simple information that can be given to the user. Many features can divert attention from what is important. Iteration as the main objective to reach a more solid product.

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