Poetri IDE

2019 - Bogot√°, Colombia

Product Design
User research

The problem

Many of us are designers but also software developers, and we have always found ourselves switching between windows to investigate a bug in the code, to change the music, to change our commits, many seconds and minutes are lost switching between tools.

The solution

We were asked to design a solution to the above problem, so we went back to the times when we were developing software. We came up with the idea to take advantage of the tabs that the current IDEs already have and use them as if they were those of a browser, and use the search bar to execute commands, write web addresses or make commits to your repository; that was the first step, but it wasn't enough. We investigated which were the most used services by developers and among those were Twitter and Spotify, so we created a widget compatible with this IDE. But what if you needed to focus? we created a function that allowed the user to remove all distractions.

Focus mode, not distractions

Markdown editor with widgets like to-do list and commits history

Conclusion and learnings

One of the client's requirements was that we could do this in a short period of time and that it was possible to use external API's from other services; in this project we learned to communicate with other companies like Twitter and read their documentation to see if the design was viable and scalable over time, we managed to have a design with a projection into the future and not only in the short term.

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